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H&S supply and recommend Australia's leading brands of hair extensions, we are in the business of helping women look and feel their most beautiful - that’s why it’s always been so important to not only supply the best quality hair available, to also ensure all our hair is 100% ethically sourced, from donor to manufacture.

Ethically sourced hair is hair that has been willingly donated by an individual who has given their consent and been paid a fair and equitable wage for their donation. It matters to us that our hair has been obtained in a moral fashion, and that our donors are fairly compensated and treated.

Our commitment to ethical standards also extends into our manufacturing processes. We are fortunate enough to have a well established long term relationship with our manufacturing team. Within this team we have our trusted hair buyers that select the highest quality 100% Remy ponytail hair selected from Eastern Europe to ensure your satisfaction.

Thank you for shopping ethically and contributing to the fair-trade of hair extensions.

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